Hooties @ Abnormality

Leather leg coverings, available at Abnormality starting Nov 7, 3pm SLT!

  • 8 colours in the HUD
  • Fits Maitreya, Legacy F and eBody Reborn.
  • 2 versions: one for Hoofy Toes and one for Feety Peets (Mid & Digi).
Regarding Sizing

I’ve decided that going forward, all clothing items will be fitted to the same body set – which at the moment is Maitreya, Legacy F and eBody Reborn. Therefore, accessories for Hoofy Toes & Feety Peets won’t be made to fit every possible body size. Please understand that it’s for the sake of my own sanity, and time available to work on both new and old items.

I’m always reviewing what bodies to support with my clothing as there’s often new and interesting bodies being released.