Handy Paws (Female) Readme

Bakes on Mesh

BoM is enabled on the Handy Paws by default.

If your Handy Paws show invisible or with a ‘missing wrist’ then your mesh body may be set up for Omega appliers instead; check the Appliers section opposite to proceed!

Bakes on Mesh allows you to use system wearable for your skin, tattoos, layering clothing such as stockings, and so on. It does not work in tandem with Omega appliers – it replaces their functionality. If you use an Omega applier to change your skin/mod, it will disable BoM.

In the Options section of the HUD are some controls for BoM.

    Sets the ‘skin’ part of the feet to the BoM lower body texture.
    Alpha mode is set to ‘masking’ 128.
    As above, but also sets the left foot to the LEFT_FOOT auxiliary BoM texture.
    Sets the ‘skin’ part of the feet to a blank white texture, and the alpha mode for ‘none’. A visual reset before applying an Omega applier.

Some tattoo and universal wearables are included which have a BoM version of the marking layer options. You can use these beneath clothing system layers. They can be edited through your inventory to change the tint.


The only appliers that can be used are Omega appliers (on all sizes), eBody Reborn and Inithium Kupra materials appliers (on relevant sizes only).

Nothing extra is needed for eBody Reborn materials support!

For Kupra materials support, an activator is required which can be purchased from Inithium’s inworld store.

Out of the box, these paws do not support Omega appliers – you need to buy the system kit to install this capability.

The paws support Omega for applying skins/mods, materials and nails (onto the claws).


The paws fit a variety of mesh bodies.

  • (Maitreya/Slink)
    The hands will fit any body that also fits Slink womens hands – Slink Physique/Hourglass, Maitreya, and so on.
  • (Belleza)
    Fits Freya and Isis. For Venus, use Slink mode with the size above.
    The non-bento version of each body must be used to avoid broken fingers!
    To fix broken fingers on the modifiable bento version of the bodies, unlink the hand meshes and then reset all scripts inside the body. BoM mode will need to be re-applied with the HUD.
  • (Belleza Gen.X)
    For Gen.X Classic and Curvy.
  • (Legacy.F)
    For all variants of the female Meshbody Legacy.
  • (eB.Reborn)
    For eBody Reborn.
  • (Kupra)
    For Inithium Kupra.
  • (SP Peach)
    For Spider Productions Peach.

NOTE: There are normals mismatches on the ankles of many fits, due to the dev kits for those bodies not having the true mesh to source the correct shading from. This shows mostly on light skins/furry mods, and with shiny specular applied. Nothing to be done about this. Apologies!
Fits with accurate mesh normals: eBody Reborn, Belleza Gen.X, Kupra, SP Peach.

​​The paws have three palm pad styles.

  • Palm Pad A
    3 segments.
  • Palm Pad B
    Heart shape.
  • No Palm Pad


All textures used on the paws via application from the HUD are available with full permissions inside the Texture Resources box/folder with your paws. This also includes UV maps and BoM markings.

Mesh dev kits for clothing/accessory creators are available here.

Update Notes


Dec 2022
– Added Belleza Gen.X and SP Peach sizes.
– eBody Reborn and Kupra materials support.
– Combined Maitreya & Slink sizes.
– Fixed ‘Palm Pad A’ and ‘No Palm Pad’ hands having the wrong ‘Cover Palm’ markings layer texture.


Dec 2021
– Added Kupra and eBody Reborn sizes.
– ‘Blank’ size renamed to ‘Slink’.


Fixed HUD controls for glow & fullbright on the claws.


– Fixed ‘Palm Pad A’ hands having the wrong ‘Cover Hand’ and ‘Shading’ markings layer textures.
– Corrected ‘Marking Hand Shading (Pad A)’ texture in Texture Resources box/folder.


– Added Legacy (F) size.
– Fixed ‘No Palm Pad’ hands having the wrong ‘Cover Hand’ texture.
– All hands are now BoM-enabled in their newly unboxed state.


Script improvements for the ‘Maitreya V5’ paws.


Added a ‘Maitreya V5’ version, specifically for the new versions of Maitreya with joined-on hands & feet. Fixes a joint position conflict.


Fixed normals of Belleza size wrists.


– Bakes on Mesh functionality.
– Hands are now joined into a single object per size and type, rather than being split into left & right hands, to reduce script usage. It is still possible to remove a hand’s parts by unlinking them.
– Finger pads and claws can now be tinted individually in the HUD.
– Joint override animation & script removed from Belleza hands, as it’s no longer required. Make sure to use the non-bento Belleza bodies!


– Added two more palm pad styles – one with a single pad, and one with no pad at all.
– Added two more claw lengths – shorter and longer/straighter.
– Markings layer UV was reworked.
– Markings cover textures reworked.
– Added ‘Cover Palm’ markings texture.
– Retro bridge mode removed.


– New UV map for paw pads.
– New textures for paw pads – soft, mottled & leather – pads now have specular effects.
– New size to fit Belleza arms (non-Slink fit) which will work correctly with the V5 Bento update of these bodies.
– HUD Options page has visuals on buttons.
– v1.1 handpaws removed.


– Hand is now SL UV and Omega compatible for skins and nails (with system kit installation).
– Now for any mesh body with classic SL female wrist fit, allowing use of various womens rigged mesh hands – so Maitreya, Belleza (in Slink mode), Slink, etc.
– Added extra layer for shading or to cover up the hand/finger/fingertips.
– Added a HUD with various options and a tinting page! Edit mode knowledge now less mandatory.


Added Belleza Freya size.


Added some textures with no shading on the end fluff, so it’s easier to match colours.


Original release for Maitreya.