Feety Peets (Female) Readme

Quick Start

1. Hide your mesh body’s human feet.
Either detach the feet if possible, or hide them with the body’s HUD.

2. Attach the Peets for your body, in the pose desired.

3. If you are using Bakes on Mesh, you are good to go!
If you intend to use Omega for your skins/furry mods or use nails appliers, see Appliers below for info.

Bakes on Mesh

BoM is enabled on the Peets by default.

If your Peets show invisible or with a ‘missing ankle’ then your mesh body may be set up for Omega appliers instead; check the Appliers section opposite to proceed!

Bakes on Mesh allows you to use system wearable for your skin, tattoos, layering clothing such as stockings, and so on. It does not work in tandem with Omega appliers – it replaces their functionality. If you use an Omega applier to change your skin/mod, it will disable BoM.

In the Help/Etc section of the HUD are some controls for BoM.

    Sets the ‘skin’ part of the feet to the BoM lower body texture.
    For most sizes, alpha mode is set to ‘masking’ 128.
    As above, but sets the alpha mode to ‘none’.
    For compatibility with bodies that require a BoM alpha to hide the human feet.
    As above, but also sets the left foot to the LEFT_FOOT auxiliary BoM texture.
    Alpha mode is set to ‘none’ as alphas do not function on aux BoM textures.
    Sets the ‘skin’ part of the feet to a blank white texture, and the alpha mode to ‘none’. A visual reset before applying an Omega applier.

Some tattoo and universal wearables are included which have a BoM version of the marking layer options. You can use these beneath stocking/clothing system layers. They can be edited through your inventory to change the tint.


The only appliers that can be used are Omega appliers (on all sizes), eBody Reborn and Inithium Kupra materials appliers (on relevant sizes only).

Nothing extra is needed for eBody Reborn materials support!

For Kupra materials support, an activator is required which can be purchased from Inithium’s inworld store.

Out of the box, these feet do not support Omega appliers – you need to buy the system kit to install this capability.

The Peets support Omega for applying skins/mods, materials and nails (onto the claws).



eBody Reborn.
Hide human feet with the body’s HUD.
Supports eBody Reborn appliers for skins and materials, + materials control in body HUD.
Supports Omega appliers (see Appliers).


For all variants of the female Meshbody Legacy.
Detach ‘[FEET] Legacy (f)’ to remove human feet.
Legacy appliers not supported.
Supports Omega appliers (see Appliers).

Primarily for Maitreya Lara 5.3.
Detach ‘Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet’ to remove human feet.
Also works for Slink Physique and Hourglass, and any other bodies that use the universal Slink womens ankle fit.
Supports Omega appliers (see Appliers).


Maitreya LaraX, PetiteX and FlatX.
Hide human feet with the body’s HUD.
Supports Omega appliers (see Appliers).

Accessories made for the Maitreya 5.3 paws will fit this size as long as they don’t go above the ankle.


For Belleza Freya and Isis.
For Venus, use Slink mode in the Belleza HUD with the (Maitreya, Slink) size.
Hide human feet with the body’s HUD.
Belleza appliers not supported.
Supports Omega appliers (see Appliers).

(Belleza Gen.X)

For Belleza Gen.X Classic and Curvy.
Hide human feet with the body’s HUD.
Belleza appliers not supported.
Supports Omega appliers (see Appliers).


Inithium Kupra.
Please use the body ‘WITHOUT HANDS/FEET’ – you can unpack the ‘HANDS & FEET PACK’ if you want human hands.
Supports Inithium appliers for materials, + materials control in body HUD. Must purchase activator from Inithium mainstore.
Supports Omega appliers (see Appliers).

Accessories made for the Maitreya 5.3 paws will fit this size as long as they don’t go above the ankle.

(SP Peach)

For Spider Productions Peach.
Detach ‘PEACH BODY FEET L’ and ‘R’ to remove human feet.
Supports Omega appliers (see Appliers).


For Prima.
Human feet will hide when Peets are attached.
Works with Prima HUD for material/body shine matching.
Supports Omega appliers (see Appliers).

NOTE: There are normals mismatches on the ankles of many fits, due to the dev kits for those bodies not having the true mesh to source the correct shading from. This shows mostly on light skins/furry mods, and with shiny specular applied. Nothing to be done about this. Apologies!
Fits with accurate mesh normals: eB.Reborn, Belleza Gen.X, Kupra, Prima

The feet are fitted mesh, so you can adjust the size as desired by changing your shape. Feet will scale mostly length and widthways. It’s recommend to go no higher than 50, as the feet will begin to distort badly above this.


All textures used on the feet via application from the HUD are available with full permissions inside the Texture Resources box/folder with your peets. This also includes UV maps and BoM markings.

Mesh dev kits for clothing/accessory creators are available here.

Update Notes


February 2024
– Prima size added.
– LaraX size added.
– New HUD! New pawpad and claw textures, plus pawpad and claw materials sliders.
– Alpha sections removed for better graphics performance; BoM alphas still function.


March 2023
– Kupra Peets no longer shiny by default.


Dec 2022
– SP Peach size added.
– eBody Reborn and Inithium Kupra materials applier support added.
– Kupra changes from 1.7a reverted as body v2.2 fixed the issue.


Oct 2022
– Belleza Gen.X size added.


– ‘Fix’ for compatibility with Kupra v2.0 body.
– Alpha layer is included to hide Kupra’s human feet.
– BoM mode now sets Kupra peets to ‘none’ alpha mode. Alpha mask wearables no longer function on Kupra peets.


Inithium Kupra size added.


‘Low’ peet pose added.


eBody Reborn size added.


– Legacy size peets adjusted to fit better under clothing
– Legacy size peets toe normals fixed


Female Legacy size added… then discovered a markings clipping issue at 2000+ height, which was fixed. @.@/


Bakes-on-Mesh functionality added.


Updated to latest Omega script.


Fixed claws not taking Omega appliers.


– Weighting updated to fitted mesh. Foot size slider can now be used. Recommended setting between 0 – 50, as the shape is distorted above 50.
– FOOT SIZE 25 matches old non-fitted-mesh socks and shoes!!
– Paw pads and claws have been split into left and right meshes, with unique selectable faces for tinting each pad/claw in the HUD.


– Fixed the alpha system doing silly things to the markings layer in some situations.
– New ankle lock animation at priority 6.
– Added a help notecard for skin appliers


– Added ‘shading only’ option in the HUD in case you are using a skin with no toe shading.
– Added transparency slider to HUD, so markings layer can be dimmed or turned off.
– Added alpha section + autohide functionality.


– The markings layer on the Belleza peets was clipping the foot at heights above 2000m, this should be fixed now.
– Tinting should no longer fail or complain about invalid parts – but if this does happen, reset scripts in the feet and HUD to fix it again.


Original release.