Hoofy Toes (Male) Readme

Bakes on Mesh

BoM is enabled on the Hoofy Toes by default.

If your Hoofy Toes show invisible or with a ‘missing ankle’ then your mesh body may be set up for Omega appliers instead; check the Appliers section opposite to proceed!

Bakes on Mesh allows you to use system wearable for your skin, tattoos, layering clothing such as stockings, and so on. It does not work in tandem with Omega appliers – it replaces their functionality. If you use an Omega applier to change your skin/mod, it will disable BoM.

In the Options section of the HUD are some controls for BoM.

    Sets the ‘skin’ part of the feet to the BoM lower body texture.
    Alpha mode is set to ‘masking’ 128.
    As above, but also sets the left foot to the LEFT_FOOT auxiliary BoM texture.
    Sets the ‘skin’ part of the feet to a blank white texture, and the alpha mode for ‘none’. A visual reset before applying an Omega applier.


The only appliers that can be used are Omega appliers, OR Anatomy and Inithium Kario materials appliers. Hoofy Toes for bodies without Omega support will not have the functionality.

For Kario materials support, an activator is required which can be purchased from Inithium’s inworld store.

Anatomy materials support works out of the box!

Out of the box, these feet do not support Omega appliers – you need to buy the system kit to install this capability.

The Hoofy Toes support Omega for applying skins/mods and materials.


The feet fit a variety of mesh bodies.

Slink Physique Male.
Supports Omega appliers (see Appliers)


Belleza Jake.
Hide feet with body HUD.
Supports Omega appliers (see Appliers)


Signature Gianni.
Detach ‘Gianni Body – Feet’.
Supports Omega appliers (see Appliers)


For all variants of the male Meshbody Legacy.
Hide feet with body HUD.
Does not support Omega appliers.


Inithium Kario Fit & Flex & Flat versions.
Hide feet with included BoM alpha – BoM alphas will not work on this size of the Hoofy Toes.
Supports Inithium HUD & appliers with purchase of their activation kit (see Appliers)
Does not support Omega appliers.


Hide feet with body HUD.
Supports Anatomy HUD & appliers.
Does not support Omega appliers.

(CZ Slim)

CZ Slim.
Hide feet with included BoM alpha – BoM alphas will not work on this size of the Hoofy Toes.
Does not support Omega appliers.

NOTE: There are normals mismatches on the ankles of many fits, due to the dev kits for those bodies not having the true mesh to source the correct shading from. This shows mostly on light skins/furry mods, and with shiny specular applied. Nothing to be done about this. Apologies!
Fits with accurate mesh normals: B.Jake, Kario, Anatomy

The feet are fitted mesh, so you can adjust the size as desired by changing your shape. Feet will scale mostly length and widthways. It’s recommend to go no higher than 50, as the feet will begin to distort badly above this.


All textures used on the feet via application from the HUD are available with full permissions inside the Texture Resources box/folder with your feet. This also includes UV maps and BoM markings.

Mesh dev kits for clothing/accessory creators are available here.

Update Notes


September 2023
– Anatomy size added.
– CZ Slim size added.
– Inithium Kario Flat size added.
– Kario sizes now support Inithium HUD & materials appliers with use of activator.


Added Inithium Kario (Fit & Flex) sizes.


Added alternate deformers for Legacy.


Added deformer for more length; still works with foot sliders!


Initial release of male version.