Development Kits

Kits come with Blender and Collada files. Blender users are expected to be using at least version 2.93 with Avastar version 2.93.3.

Feety Peets

Last Updated Oct 2022

Last Updated Nov 2021

The Belleza Jake, eBody Reborn and Belleza Gen.X feet are supplied without skeleton; they require access and use of their respective dev kits. See or for more information.

The male Legacy feet, if appended into the relevant body kit, require some mucking around with a modifier for fit accuracy. Details are included in the readme.

Handy Paws

Last Updated Nov 2022

Last Updated Jan 2022

Kits match up to the markings layer of the hands.

Weighting around the wrist differs between sizes, so make sure to check both female or both male sizes for what you are making.

Finger position and size is the same on most female hands – so rings/accessories made for one size may fit the others. For male hands, Slink, Legacy and Gianni fingers should match each other but Jake has its own sizing due to a differing skeleton.

Hoofy Toes

Last Updated May 2022

Last Updated Sep 2022