Store Policies


I’m happy to help if you need me!

My inworld SL name is Zii Minotaur.

Please send your queries by IM if you want the quickest response. I can read IMs from anywhere as they go to my email, but the contents of notecards do not.

I reside in Australia; my timezone is AEST. Thanks for your patience when sending messages from the other side of the planet!

Apricot Paws has a Discord server where you can ask questions, chat and keep up-to-date!

Redeliveries & Product Updates

The redelivery terminal is at the mainstore.

Redeliveries send the most up-to-date version of a product.

You can also get redeliveries via your Order History on the SL Marketplace.

Gacha items that have been claimed from vouchers can be redelivered.
Gacha items that come as-is (no voucher system) cannot be redelivered.

I do not do custom work, nor custom sizes or colours of existing items.


As most products are mod/copy/no-transfer, I cannot do refunds or exchanges. All sales are finalPlease try the demo first, and read product descriptions closely.

The only exception is if a gacha vendor bugs out and you don’t receive any item – you’ll get a refund in this case.

I will refund double-purchases.

If you buy a separate colour or colour-set of a product followed at any point by the fatpack, I’m happy to refund the prior purchase.

Clubs, Malls, & Sales Events

Happy to hear about shopping events!

I am not seeking new mall locations at this stage.

I do not do club promotions.