Zii Minotaur

Zii Minotaur

Handy Pawpads (Male)

Pawpads for human hands – now for dudes! Fits:– Belleza Jake– Inithium Kario– CZ Slim Does NOT fit:– Meshbody Legacy– Signature Gianni…due to lack of accuracy in their dev kits. ;-; Available now!

Feety Peets (Male) v1.7 Update

– Added CZ Slim sizing.– Bumped version number due to feature parity with the female version, my versioning went wacky sorry ;w; Readme moved to web: In the Apricot Paws inworld group I popped a box with some extra…

Handy Paws (Female) v2.4.1 Update

– Added Belleza Gen.X and SP Peach sizes.– eBody Reborn and Kupra materials support.– Combined Maitreya & Slink sizes.– Fixed ‘Palm Pad A’ and ‘No Palm Pad’ hands having the wrong ‘Cover Palm’ markings layer texture. Readme moved to web…

Body Poll 2022 Results

This poll ran from Nov 10 to Dec 1, 2022. 314 responses total, most were in the first week. My main takeaways from this info were… surprise at how much eBody Reborn (202) has taken off since it released! It’s…