Hoofy Toes (Male) Release

Man-trots! Bro-toes. Boof-hoofs?

Man-trots! Bro-toes. Boof-hoofs?

Petite SLUV hoof-feet that join to your mesh body’s ankles, so you can still wear pants.

Hooves are fitted mesh and respond to foot size on your shape, but keep in mind these are not designed to be big stompers! TRY THE DEMO FIRST.

  • Fits Legacy Male, Slink Male, Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake bodies.
  • Bakes on Mesh by default, but will take Omega skin appliers – needs extra purchase of system kit to enable.
  • Horse hooves plus cloven in two lengths, with and without dew claws. 5 hoof colours.
  • Fur blenders in short and long lengths
  • Tinting in HUD
  • Texture resource kit included, with UV maps and base shading to help with making your own hoof and blender textures.

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