Paw Day Sale!

50% off all peets, paws, hooves and other PAWphernalia (things that fit the paws)! Both at the inworld mainstore (where sale items are marked with a blue & purple circle) AND on the marketplace!

Sale runs over the weekend, until 11:59PM May 22nd.

Full list of discounted items:

  • Feety Peets
  • Handy Paws
  • Hoofy Toes
  • Handy Pawpads
  • Longsocks & Longsleeves
  • Peetwarmers
  • ZipBoots
  • Slip Sliders
  • Electric Arms (Legs are normal price)
  • Crop Sweater
  • Claw Paw Legs and Shrug
  • Paw Slippers