Boldy Bops @ Abnormality

Kobold / mammal-dragon-styled fitted mesh paw feet!

  • toggleable paw pads & claws with materials.
  • natively Bakes on Mesh
  • tattoo & universal layers to cover toes, underfoot, whole foot, plus sock/stockings ‘cap’
  • single semi-digi foot pose
  • HUD with options for paw and claw colour & shine, tint

Female version: eBody Reborn, Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza Gen.X.
Male version is now available: Anatomy, CZ Slim, Jake, Legacy, Kario.
More female sizes coming: Kupra, Peach, Prima, Maitreya Lara X.

Abnormality runs from Nov 7 thru 28th.